Now offering customized Magnetic Lashes


What are designer custom magnetic lashes? 

They are magnetic strips that are 100% customized to your liking made by me!

Why should you try magnetic lashes?

-Don't have the $ and the time to lay 2hrs to get your lashes done regularly!

-Have a sensitivity to the lash glue or the Duo adhesive from the store!

-Want to take a break from lash extensions

-Need them for in-between fills to cover the gaps!

-Don't want the glam look on a daily basis


Custom Magnetic lashes can be worn up to 30 times for the price of 1 lash fill!!!

I will make them just as I would apply lash extensions to your eyes. I customize the strips to fit your eyes and to what look you desire.

If you live in the area a short in person consultation is great. We will determine the length of your eyelids, the look that would best fit you and what kind of eyeliner you want. 

What is the Magnetic Lash kit? 

The kit comes with a set of eyelashes, an magnetic eyeliner (black, brown or clear) and a cute applicator. 


Not great at drawing an eyeliner? No problem, 2 coats of clear eyeliner is the solution!


Magnetic Lashes only              $ 50

Magnetic Lash Kit (incl. lashes,

magnetic liner & applicator)    $ 85  SALE $50

How to apply Magnetic lashes?

 How to measure your lash line? 

Using a measuring tape or better a peace of string, measure from your inner corner (where your lashes begin) to the outer corner. This will determine how long and how many magnets need to be applied to the strips.

Any questions? don't hesitate to call, text or email me!