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New Service !

Li-FT pigment removal/lightning

Do you have a set of brows that have been botched by microblading? or do you have brows that turned a colour that shouldn't be on your face? I can help. I am now offering Li-FT saline pigment lightening/removal.


Lif-FT is a unique saline removal formula like no other in the world. No chemicals, no acids.

Only natural salts and fruit seed extract. Basically it kicks ass and lightens bad pmu (permanent makeup), microblading & body tattoos.

Single removal session                        85

Emergency removal                            125

(within 48hrs of your procedure)

Price List:

Henna Brow tint  (incl shaping)        45

Henna is a safe, natural, long lasting alternative to eyebrow tinting. Depending on your skin type,

Henna brows typically last 1-2 weeks on the skin & up to 6 weeks on the hair.

Brow lamination (incl. shaping)         60

Lamination takes your unruly eyebrow hair and smooth is out. This service works in a similar way

to a Lash Lift creating volume and fullness that can last up to 2 month                                        

Brow waxing (coming soon)              15

Microblading                                     349

(incl. 1 touch up within 8 weeks)

Microblading & Nano shading       399

(incl. 1 touch up within 8 weeks)          


Touch up within 12 month                   150-200

(depending on how much work is needed)

Touch up within 12-24 month                 250

Classic Lash Set

 Applied one extension to one lash, this is

 the most natural looking set

Full set                                                 100

Fill                                                          60

Hybrid Lash Set

A mix of single strand & 3D fans for a fuller look

Full set                                                 130

Fill  within 14 days                               60

Fill within 21 days                                75


Volume & Mega Lash Set

Volume lashes are very lightweight which allows

the application of 2-6 extensions per natural lash.

This set will give you the most glamorous look.

Full set 2-4D                                         130

Fill within 14 days                                  60

Fill within 21 days                                  75

Mega set 4-15D                                   180

Fill within 14 days                                 70

Fill within 21 days                                  85


Lash Lift & Tint

Don’t want to commit to extensions? This eyelash

enhancement procedure offers an amazing curl

and lift for natural lashes that will last 4-6 weeks.


LashLift                                                  60

LashLift & tint                                        75

Removal                                                 25

(free with new set)


Reward Program


Every 6th fill is 50% off

Refer a friend and you & your friend receive $10 off your next appointment


I accept cash, Etransfer, debit or credit cards